Thursday, May 20, 2010

Into the Dark

I believe everyone has a dark side in them. And when I say ‘dark’ I don’t necessarily mean evil. I mean that side that houses' aggression, hate, fury, rage, wrath, etc..

It is those things that need tight control, and only allowed out in the right instances. For example, fury can be useful in certain sport situations, but left unchecked can spill over into destruction. In contrast, things like peace and tranquility need no restraints. I try to let my characters touch their dark side and use it to their advantage. Below is an excerpt from my book “The Dragon and the Faerie” that illustrates this. Donella is coming into her powers as Dragon Summoner via the instruction of the ghost of the Dragon Summoner before her.


“Now for the dragon crown,” Layla said. Donella removed her own silver circlet and placed it gently on Tera’s head. She kissed her forehead, then rose and was about to put the crown on her own head.

“Wait!” Layla exclaimed. “This is the hardest part. This will allow you to connect with dragons, but first you must see that dragon that is in you. That base aggression, those dark places you are afraid to go, that elemental raw power, everything must be brought to the surface. You must have the courage to accept this as a part of yourself. You needn’t be ashamed or loathe yourself afterwards.” She looked hard at Donella. “Are you ready?”

Donella was shaking a little, but she was resolved. “I am,” she replied.

“Put the crown on,” Layla instructed.

Donella was not prepared for the sensation she got when she placed the crown on her head. She sank to her knees as if a great force was pushing her into oblivion. She screamed and fought to stay in the light.

“Do not fight it,” she heard Layla say in the shadows of her mind. “Your darkness is a part of you, flow with it, but you control it.”

Donella stopped struggling; she rode the darkness as she would a horse. In her spirit, she saw that she was riding something. It was dark and had wings. Then it started to glow. It took on the form of the red dragon that was marked on her leg. The head turned around and looked directly into Donella’s green eyes. There was malevolence there, as if this creature wanted to hurt something or someone, to inflict pain. Realization then came to her. This red dragon was an extension of herself. It was her that wanted to cause much pain, specifically to Zana, and then to Devon. She loathed herself. This was not her. She thought on it for a moment, and then accepted the truth of the matter. It was her. She did want to inflict pain on Zana, a lot of pain. Donella brought herself under control and bent her thought on the red dragon to take her back to the light. When she opened her eyes, her friends were staring at her openmouthed. Like before when she had told Ala she was the Dragon Summoner, the edges of her green eyes took on a fiery aspect and her dark hair glowed with traces of silver like the color of moon beams.

Layla spoke one last time. “You are ready sister. Bend your thought as you did with the dragon inside you and the dragons of Vasara must come to you.

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