Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome friends to the next stop on the Riven Blog Tour!!

Welcome friends to the next stop on the Riven Blog Tour!!

Today I am showcasing the amazing Illumine series by Alivia Anders!! The third book in the series, Riven, is set for release on Dec.7.

This series has angels, demons, magic; all the ingredients to make a spectacular supernatural thriller! It was my great honor to offer a review for the first book in the series, Illumine. I went into it totally blind, with no knowledge of the characters or its storyline, which is how I wanted it. As it turned out the story caught me by surprise (in a good way) by its subject matter. It is a story as old as the Bible but told in a way I have never read before. It was totally fresh and new. If you have any knowledge of Nephilim, you will know of what I speak.

Alivia Anders is a fantastic writer and her books are a delight to read. You will find her world exciting and engaging, becoming a part of it as you turn the pages.
I would now like to give you my review of her first book Illumine. I hope you buy it and read it, and you will get as much pleasure as I did I am sure of it. Thank you for stopping by!

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Review for Illumine:

What an AMAZING ride!!

Illumine had me right out of the starting gate, grabbing me by throat and never letting go. At times I found myself 'on the edge of my seat', certain something was going to happen to catch me unawares. Alivia Anders has woven a tale, that once you are caught in its web of words, there is little you can do except let the spider pull you in.

The heroine, Essallie Henley, finds herself thrust into a world she didn't even know existed. After watching a demon eat the heart of her boyfriend, Essallie's world as a simple teenager ends, while the life as an extra-ordinary being begins. Essallie is very unique kind of person, but I will say no more, except to say this is a strong heroine and I loved her from the start, cheering her on as her story unfolds.

Enter Kayden - killer of Essallie's boyfriend, mentor of sorts to Essallie's changing...condition, and seemingly the only person who has answers to her many questions of who and what she is. Kayden is a complex character (you will love him, or at times maybe hate him). His character is deep and well developed. You are never completely sure if you totally believe what he is saying at any given time. You want to believe him, but then you think, "Is this the time. Is this the time he betrays her, or will he save her. This character was sculpted in words by a master, and her name is Alivia Anders.

I was sad when the story ended, but luckily for me, the second book is in print and I will be continuing on with Essallie and her journey. You should begin yours with this first book in The Illumine Series. It is a ride you will not want to end!!

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